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[Don’t see past show images? Turn off Ad Blocker!] My writing can seem “serious” so I hope you hear my calm, joyful voice…

Sex, Sexuality, Pleasure, & Relationships – My Main Recommendations:

โ—† Esther Perel’s TED talks on Desire in a Long-Term Relationship and Why Happy People Cheat (I also recommend her books for case studies / stories!)
โ—† Betty Martin’s The Wheel of Consent (free tools to rediscover physical pleasure versus “pleasure from approval,” untangling what you want versus what you do because others want)
โ—† Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are (a friendly book about the science of female anatomy, arousal, desire – busting myths like “wet=aroused” and explaining the Dual Control model of arousal)
โ—† Jack Morinโ€™s The Erotic Mind (a more serious book about peak erotic experiences and core erotic themes – for understanding more so-called โ€˜tabooโ€™ parts of the sexuality)
โ—† Erotica/Porn by Hegre Art (sensual, art model lighting), A Four Chambered Heart (alternative, very artsy), Erika Lust (scenarios, stories), and Nicole Vaunt (focused on her, dom/sub, nature)