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A special thank you for making this possible… Jean, Adam, Jason, John, John :P, Lets, KHC, Kira, Tim, Jax, Zen, T, Matt, Payne, Newt, Nori, Rob, Tau, Chris, Griff, 9, One, Lord, JP, Horse, Ish, Sir, Mark, Lopez, Mind, Philip, CJ, Curious, Epoch, Wile, Claus, Spark, Mar, Yuck, Sir, G, Arte, Nat, Aster <3 [Don’t see past show images? Turn off Ad Blocker!] My writing can seem “serious” so I hope you hear my calm, joyful voice…

Sex, Sexuality, Pleasure, & Relationships – My Main Recommendations:

◆ Esther Perel’s TED talks on Desire in a Long-Term Relationship and Why Happy People Cheat (I also recommend her books for case studies / stories!)
◆ Betty Martin’s The Wheel of Consent (free tools to rediscover physical pleasure versus “pleasure from approval,” untangling what you want versus what you do because others want)
◆ Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are (a friendly book about the science of female anatomy, arousal, desire – busting myths like “wet=aroused” and explaining the Dual Control model of arousal)
◆ Jack Morin’s The Erotic Mind (a more serious book about peak erotic experiences and core erotic themes – for understanding more so-called ‘taboo’ parts of the sexuality)
◆ Erotica/Porn by Hegre Art (sensual, art model lighting), A Four Chambered Heart (alternative, very artsy), Erika Lust (scenarios, stories), and Nicole Vaunt (focused on her, dom/sub, nature)