I’m writing a note to you here.

a curious place

a neutral place

I’m writing because there’s something that has been passionately requested

from me, and to be honest, it is something that I savor, too,

though I’ve preferred to indulge only in person.

I’ve acquired… video evidence of my indulgence

and I’m contemplating sharing it.

If that’s something that might interest you,

send me an email at aly_exhale@protonmail.com and include

something uniquely identifiable to you, such as a random word+number,

like “whimsical42” or “devouring9982” or anything specific to you,

as well as your OF and/or CB usernames. And then,

message me from OF and/or CB with that unique identifier as well.

You may have sent me your email in the past, and if that is the case,

thank you for doing so again! I am starting over for 2024, and this helps me.

See you soon.